Android’de telefon görüşmelerinin sonunda sesli uyarı nasıl düzeltilir?

Have you ever experienced telefon görüşmesinin sonunda yük bip sesi? This annoying error reported by many Android users. What is odd the beep appears not from the call dynamic but from the loud speaker. And more, it doesn’t depend on current volume level. Look, it is not comfy when people around start turn their heads bewildered to your direction.
Loud beep when call ends
Thus it is not a system error of Android. First users decided that it was Snapchat uygulama hatası. Later they found out that this error might appear even if the app was not installed. Let’s look how we can manage to get rid of a loud beep at the end of a call if the source is Snapchat app.

Android’de telefon görüşmelerinin sonunda yüksek bir bip sesini nasıl durdurabilirim?

It is easy to fix the error if one disables a Snapchat access on his phone. There are Bunu yapmanın iki yolu:

Yöntem 1. Uygulama izinleri

    “Ayarlar” -> “Uygulamalar” ı açın; “İzinler” e gidin; “Uygulama İzinleri” nde uygulamanın içindeki “Telefon” a dokunun; hangi uygulamaların Telefon uygulamasına erişimi olduğunu göreceksiniz; Snapchat üzerine dokunun ve devre dışı bırakın.

It’s done. You won’t be bothered by a load beep at the end of your calls.

Yöntem 2. Uygulama bilgisi
If you don’t see “App Permissions” in the “Settings”, there is yüksek bir bip sesini düzeltmenin ikinci yolu:

    “Ayarlar” -> “Uygulamalar” ı açın; Yüklü tüm uygulamaların listesini bulun; Snapchat’ı bulun ve dokunun; “İzinler” e dokunun; “Telefon” uygulamasına erişimi iptal edin.

Snapchat ile ilgisi yoksa

If all the steps above have not helped to fix the issue or you don’t use Snapchat try to revoke “Phone” access for all the apps on your phone in turn. The process is the same as for Snapchat. Unfortunately to find out the culprit will take more time. You will try to revoke access for each app. We recommend son güncellenen uygulamalarla başlamak için. Unlucky to find among the issue among them, go through the list until you find it. Anyway, you will get rid of the beep at the end of call.

Başka bir yol mu buldunuz? Share it with us in Comments. Probably it will help to someone. And one more thing. Let’s try to collect all the apps caused the issue here. In our case Viber’di. How about you?