Xiaomi akıllı telefonlarında App Vault nedir?

You must be facing with the Uygulama Kasası app on Xiaomi smartphones, but not all users know what it is and what it is for. Since in any unfamiliar program many people tend to see spyware or other malicious software, people are interested in what is App Vault on Xiaomi smartphones? We are in a hurry to calm down all those who were alarmed by this unfamiliar program. This is a pre-installed manufacturer application, present on all devices with MIUI firmware – sadece kişisel asistan. It is created for convenience of the user, and to call the personal assistant on Xiaomi smartphones it is possible to pile from left to right on the main screen.
App Vault on Xiaomi
This application cannot be uninstalled, it is part of the firmware. Actually, there’s no need to do that – sadece devre dışı bırak. However, it is said that not all firmware versions can be disabled. Nonetheless, you can disable App Vault on Xiaomi aşağıdaki adımları izleyerek:

    “Ayarlar” a git, “Ana ekranı aç”, “Uygulama kasası” kaydırıcısını “Kapalı” olarak ayarla

If necessary, you can turn on App vault again – because now you know “where is the button”!