Xiaomi’deki MIUI Daemon uygulaması nedir?

Recently there have been a lot of questions on Xiaomi forums referred to “MIUI Daemon“. Usually users ask about the app, its functions, usefulness. Other vice, sometimes they worry about data security. We studied the issue and the results are here.

Xiaomi kullanıcıları hakkında casus mu?

Some experts are certain that Xiaomi completes its devices with spying software. Is it true or not, it is difficult to say. The supporters of this point of view usually appeal to the fact that graphic interface MIUI uses suspicion apps. From time to time such apps Çin’de bulunan sunuculara veri gönderme.

One of them is MIUI Daemon. After analyzing the app it is clear that it can collect and gibi bilgileri gönder:

    Ekran açılma süresi; Dahili bellek miktarı; Ana bellek istatistiklerini yükleme; Batarya ve CPU istatistikleri; Bluetooth veya Wi-Fi’nin etkin olup olmadığı, IMEI sayısı.

MIUI Daemon zararlı mı?

Does MIUI Daemon carry spying apps? We don’t think so. It is just istatistik toplamak için bir servis. Yes, it sends information to developer’ servers. On the other hand özel veri kullanmaz. It appears to be that using this app Xiaomi company analyzes its users activity to release new firmware according to the users needs. Sometimes the app “eats” a lot of device recourses like batteries. This is not nice. It is better to delete this app or revoke its authorization.